Organisational Assessment

Following the assessment, the CSOs will produce a tailored plan for developing their capacities in the short, medium and long term, enabling them to improve their resource and programme management skills and to carry out their work more efficiently. This plan will ultimately strengthen the skills of staff members in organisational assessment and development, and in project implementation. Training and coaching will be provided on key topics to ensure overall organisational success and sustainability.

Online self-assessment tool

The online self-assessment tool complements the Organisational Viability Toolkit, offering CSOs a more convenient means of assessing their internal performance. Organisations give themselves scores for seven core components: strategic leadership; organisational processes; human resources; financial management; infrastructure; inter-institutional linkages; and programme management. The online tool then calculates the overall results and creates a graphical representation of the assessment.

Before using the online tool, CSOs are advised to study the Organisational Viability Toolkit and to familiarise themselves with the main aspects of organisational self-assessment and follow-up steps.


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